“I swear by OK Botanicals” – Sabrina Sidoti

Owner of SAXFitness and NPC Figure Competitor Sabrina Sidoti swears by OK Botanicals.

Florida – NPC Figure Competitor and Personal Trainer Sabrina Sidoti swears by one thing…. OK Botanicals

“In 25 years of training I have only honestly found one company who’s products consistently help with the struggles of recovery after training and competing. OK Botanicals CBD Cream I use at least a few times a week on areas that always give me issues” said Sidoti.

Her business SAX Fitness has not only taken Florida by storm but she now has clients Nationwide.

“I offer online support, training advice, nutritional help, etc via Skype. A lot of my clients do not live locally so I make every effort to help them in any way I can” said Sidoti.

Using OK Botanicals Creams and their other CBD products she recommends to her clients on a daily basis.

“I know the struggles of training, getting in shape, etc. I much rather have them take something all natural then prescriptions from Doctors that they can get hooked on. I know this brand. I know how good it is and I recommend it for several reasons to them” said Sidoti

To reach Sabrina regarding Personal Training check out her site at www.SAXFitness.com. For all information and products go to www.OK-Botanicals.com

“A brand I know and trust” – Gregor Gillespie

UFC Fighter Gregor Gillespie Endorses OK Botanicals

New York – When you take a top Botanical Company and an undefeated UFC Fighter what do you get? An amazing combination that will knock the competition out.

Gregor Gillespie is 11-0 in the UFC. His wins have been dominating and he is quickly becoming a household name that is on pace to fight for a belt in the very near future.

A four-time NCAA Division I All-American and won a national championship in 2007. He was the first true freshman All-American in school history, and also holds the school record for most career wins (152), most wins as a freshman (40), and highest winning percentage (.917).

His undefeated professional career in the UFC has been nothing shy of amazing. His last fight vs Jordan Rinaldi on June 27, 2018 he led the card off on FOX TV with a TKO. He will be fighting next on June 1 against Vinc Pichel for UFC 131 expecting the same results.

Gillespie is now set to move to the next level.

A brand people know and trust, OK Botanicals is sold Worldwide and their lines of CBD, Kratom and other products have been endorsed not only by professional athletes but by Doctors as well who prescribe their patients CBD for various ailments.

Gillespie is a supporter of many of the OK Botanical products but uses their CBD for recovery and pain relief.

“I trust the brand, know the Owner and their products do wonders for me. I’m thrilled to be working with them” said Gillespie.

To check out all of OK Botanicals products go to www.OK-Botanicals.com

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“I recommend my clients take OK Botanicals” – Dr Chris Wildenauer

Doctor Endorses OK Botanicals

New York – Back aches, pains, hernias, degenerative disc disease, etc. We hear this all the time. As you get older body parts start to hurt you never knew existed. It’s part of getting old, but there’s also the cases from injuries, car accidents etc., that affect people’s lives every single day.

“My clients are constantly telling me about Doctors that prescribe medications that knock people out all day. They can’t function and live a happy healthy lifestyle. OK Botanicals products including their CBD and Kratom 100% changes peoples lives. It’s a way for them to to go on with their life pain free without popping pills all day. There are so many brands on the market that are not legitimate. OK Botanicals I know and trust”
said Dr Wildenauer.

Dr. Chris Wildenauer is a certified doctor of chiropractic and has been in practice since 2000.He graduated with high honors from Sherman College of Chiropractic on June 2000 and obtained his New York State license on July 14, 2000.

He currently serves his community as Captain of the Fire Police at the Seaford Fire Department in which he has been a member for the last 18 years.Dr. Wildenauer believes strongly in the mind, body and spirit connection and holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu in which he believes strengthens his core values and beliefs.He is also cutting edge with natural remedies and is an expert in many areas of alternative medicine. As a chiropractor Dr. Wildenauer considers himself to be of the old school in which he uses tried and true techniques to help the body heal naturally by correcting vertebral subluxations.To him it is not about back pain, but rather total body health and living up to your health potential.

To reach Dr Wildenauer go to http://wildenauer.topchiro.com or call him direct at 516-781-1018 and for more information on OK Botanicals go to www.OK-Botanicals.com

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