Yellow Borneo

Bowl of yellow kratom in a garden

This Yellow strain comes from a Red Borneo leaf that is sun-dried. This drying method causes the leaf to have a yellow hue. This oxidation process is meant to strengthen the final product by altering the leaf’s alkaloid content. Yellow Borneo is used for anxiety, energy (get rid of fatigue) and also has the characteristics of a sedative while also providing pain relief. Kratom users have stated the Yellow Borneo is a perfect balance between red and green Borneo, and a few even compare it to Green Malaysian.

Kratom Powder 25g

Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder 25g

25 g
Kratom Powder 50g

Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder 50g

50 g
Kratom Powder 100g

Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder 100g

100 g
Kratom Powder 250g

Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder 250g

250 g
Kratom Powder 500g

Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder 500g

500 g
Kratom Powder 1000g

Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder 1000g

1,000 g

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