Yellow Kratom

Yellow kratom
10 months ago

The lesser known yellow strain is considered a rarity. 

Grown in the Indonesian islands this strain is the result of a different drying technique with the mitragyna speciosa leaves. 

The leaves are dried much longer than normal. And the drying process takes place in the sun.
The yellow strains are great to use at the beginning of the day. 

It gives the user a light energy boost and an improved mood.

Yellow Kratom is perfect for beginners because the effect is less strong than other varieties.

The yellow strain can have more intense effects and should therefore be introduced in small doses.

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This Yellow strain comes from a Red Borneo leaf that is sun-dried. This drying method causes the leaf to have a yellow hue.
Yellow veined Kratom leaves do not exist naturally. The yellow color shows up as a result of a drying process.