White Horn

Sun shining on white kratom in a bowl

Horned kratom is named after the shape of the leaf, the edges of which are shaped like little horns. This sets it apart from all other kratom trees (Mitragyna speciosa) species. White Horn Kratom has strong stimulant effects that may even lead to euphoria. The best part is that this is a fast-acting strain that will not only increase your energy levels but can improve focus and elevate mood to help you enjoy productive days.

Kratom Powder 25g

White Horn Kratom Powder 25g

25 g
Kratom Powder 50g

White Horn Kratom Powder 50g

50 g
Kratom Powder 100g

White Horn Kratom Powder 100g

100 g
Kratom Powder 250g

White Horn Kratom Powder 250g

250 g
Kratom Powder 500g

White Horn Kratom Powder 500g

500 g
Kratom Powder 1000g

White Horn Kratom Powder 1000g

1,000 g

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