Red Malay

A bowl of red kratom on a table in the sun

Red Malay Kratom comes from Malaysia, and it’s mostly known for its sedating yet euphoric effects. It also ranks high as one of the longest lasting strains around. One of the first effects that people notice after taking Red Malay Kratom is how relaxed they feel. Malaysia has a tropical and wet climate that makes it favorable for growing this plant.

Kratom Powder 25g

Red Malay Kratom Powder 25g

25 g
Kratom Powder 50g

Red Malay Kratom Powder 50g

50 g
Kratom Powder 100g

Red Malay Kratom Powder 100g

100 g
Kratom Powder 250g

Red Malay Kratom Powder 250g

250 g
Kratom Powder 500g

Red Malay Kratom Powder 500g

500 g
Kratom Powder 1000g

Red Malay Kratom Powder 1000g

1,000 g

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