New York

4 months ago

History of kratom legality in New York

The first bill passed in NY in regards to kratom was the 2017 bill that attempted to make kratom illegal to sell to minors. It was introduced to the state assembly and the senate, but died in both.

In 2019, state senator Pamela Helming introduced a similar bill, but it hasn’t been passed. If the New York Kratom Consumer Protection act is passed, it will make selling kratom to minors illegal.

2021 The New York Kratom Consumer Protection Act

This bill is the most recent kratom bill in New York, introduced in January 2021. It’s an attempt to keep kratom legal, as well as to regulate it.

It would require new demands on what kratom labels need to provide, restrictions on total alkaloid concentration, and it would prohibit kratom sales to individuals under 18. See the bill for more information.

Since kratom isn’t currently regulated, make sure to buy quality kratom that features lab reports and product transparency.

Attempts To Ban Kratom In New York

In 2017, Assembly Bill 231 bill was proposed, seeking a complete ban on the use and sale of kratom, but it faced a lot of backlash and petitions. Fortunately it was never implemented.

However, individual counties can enact more restrictions. In Suffolk County, you must be at least 21 years of age to buy or sell kratom, and anyone caught selling kratom to someone under the age of 21 can face up to $1000 in fines.

State Senator Pam Helming is still hopeful that there will be a ban of kratom in New York one day.

Kratom Advocacy

New York has a strong number of kratom supporters who signed petitions, wrote letters to legislators, and commented on the bill that attempted the ban. This put pressure on state legislators to keep kratom legal.

Because it helps many relieve their chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, and more, it’s important to put in an effort to keep kratom legal in New York.

Sign here, become a kratom advocate for the American Kratom Association, and contact state leaders like Senator Pam Helming to let your voice be heard.

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