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History of kratom legality in Delaware

People in Delaware first started hearing about kratom in 2010, when more people on the internet began talking about it as an herbal treatment to manage chronic pain, overcome opioid addiction, reduce depression and anxiety, boost energy, and more.

The benefits of kratom spread across the internet, and unfortunately, its popularity made kratom a topic of concern for the FDA and DEA, who couldn’t find many studies on it.

This led to the FDA placing a temporary ban on kratom in 2016, which was followed by other states, even when the FDA repealed their ban. Unfortunately, six states have made kratom illegal, and other counties in states where it’s legal have banned it as well.

While kratom continues to grow in popularity in Delaware, consumers can comfortably buy kratom to improve their wellness. However, it’s not guaranteed that it will always remain legal in Delaware–-action is needed to educate representatives and senators about kratom so that there won’t be a ban in the future due to misinformation.

Kratom Regulation in Delaware

It might not seem pressing or important to draw the state government’s attention to kratom in Delaware, but it’s really important for the safety of the consumer, and for assuring that there won’t be a ban on kratom in the future.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is a set of guidelines for states to introduce bills that regulate the quality of kratom. It was developed by the American Kratom Association, with the support of kratom advocates and consumers in the U.S.

Several states (Utah, Arizona, Georgie, Nevada, and Oklahoma) have already met with members of the association, learned about kratom and the act, and incorporated it into their legislation. In these states, kratom is legal, and the quality is regulated.

What would kratom regulation mean in Delaware? It would mean that kratom sellers are held to certain standards and must prove the quality of their product (through lab test reports; something many sellers are already doing) to avoid contamination. It could also mean an age restriction of being 18 or 21 years of age or older for buying kratom.

Help Keep Kratom Legal in Delaware

Just because there are no laws regarding kratom in Delaware now doesn’t mean that future legislators might not feel strongly against kratom and pass a ban. Different news outlets continue to play up the fear-mongering on kratom based on misinformation. A big concern for safety is the potential for contaminated products, but regulating kratom would prevent this.

You can advocate for kratom regulation in Delaware, and share your story about how kratom has helped you or a loved one by contacting your senator and emailing your Delaware representatives. Get the word out, and share educational kratom posts on social media to raise better awareness!

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