Slight Energy

Slight Energy Boost
8 months ago

While there are many benefits of CBD offered by OK Botanicals, some Kratom products offer a slight energy boost if taken the right way.

The saying with Kratom is this:

Red is for Bed. White is for Flight. Green is for In Between.

Alkaloids in Kratom veins are the key to Kratom’s mood-lifting, health-enhancing effects.

If you are looking for that slight energy boost then Green Kratom veins are the way to go. Maeng Da and Borneos are usually the strongest in any color followed by your Malay's, Bali's, Thai's, etc

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In Thai the term Maeng Da means “Pimp” giving this strain of Kratom 5 stars.
Grown in the mountains of the island of Malaysia, this Kratom strain is known for their big leaves.
This Yellow strain comes from a Red Borneo leaf that is sun-dried. This drying method causes the leaf to have a yellow hue.
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Variety pack of 3 red, green and white maeng da kratom capsules.
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