Pain Relief

CBD & Kratom can help with back aches, pains of everyday life if taken properly
8 months ago

You have likely heard that natural products that contain CBD and other organic compounds can assist with joint pain, inflammation and relieve pain associated with injury or aging.

While Kratom is a plant that can bring relief, CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits without the psychoactive high and also provide you with amazing relief of pains.

CBD tinctures, cream, capsules and gummies can provide you the physical calm without psychoactive effects and they sometimes even counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. Many people do not like that "high" feeling associated with THC and also cant be feeling like that at work all day making both products an absolute must for your daily life.

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In Thai the term Maeng Da means “Pimp” giving this strain of Kratom 5 stars.
Grown in the mountains of the island of Malaysia, this Kratom strain is known for their big leaves.
Grown in Indonesia since being banned in 1943 in Thailand, Green Thai has quite the energy boost.
When it comes to pain relief and relaxation, few strains are more effective than a good Borneo.
You can expect all-day energy from this strain, without the jitters of coffee.
White Bali is famous around the world for the purpose of relaxing the mind and body.
Red Maeng Da comes from a horned shaped leaf in Indonesia and this Red Maeng Da Kratom is popular for its sedating effects.
This is by far the most unpredictable strain of Kratom known to man.
Milder than most Red Veins, Red Bali has sedative effects which ease pain relief, anxiety, stress, depression, anger issues etc.
One of the first effects that people notice after taking Red Malay Kratom is how relaxed they feel.
The effects of Red Borneo tend to be sedating and relaxing, with a little uplift in energy.
This Yellow strain comes from a Red Borneo leaf that is sun-dried. This drying method causes the leaf to have a yellow hue.
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