7 months ago

The science behind the way that Kratom assists in giving energy is related to the release of alkaloids.

For example, an organic compound called 7-hydroxymitragynine connects receptors to ensure pain relief releasing uplifting active energy.

As endorphins numb the pain receptor inside the body energy and focus are liberated.

Stamina and endurance are boosted by the added oxygen in the bloodstream.

Because each alkaloid has a different property and impact, you can predict and anticipate how each creates a specific energy.

Traces of mitragynine are higher in white strains, while the 7-hydroxymitragynine proportion is higher in red kratom.

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This is by far the most unpredictable strain of Kratom known to man.
Grown in the deep Hulu forests in West Kalimantan province of Indonesia, Hulu Kapuas is a very rare, unique strain of Kratom.
Yellow veined Kratom leaves do not exist naturally. The yellow color shows up as a result of a drying process.
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