Sabrina Sidoti

NPC Figure Competitor Sabrina Sidoti
7 months ago

Owner of SAXFitness and NPC Figure Competitor Sabrina Sidoti swears by OK Botanicals.

Sabrina Sidoti

“I swear by OK Botanicals” – Sabrina Sidoti

Florida – NPC Figure Competitor and Personal Trainer Sabrina Sidoti swears by one thing…. OK Botanicals.

In 25 years of training I have only honestly found one company who’s products consistently help with the struggles of recovery after training and competing. OK Botanicals CBD Cream I use at least a few times a week on areas that always give me issues” said Sidoti.

Her business SAX Fitness has not only taken Florida by storm but she now has clients Nationwide.

“I offer online support, training advice, nutritional help, etc via Skype. A lot of my clients do not live locally so I make every effort to help them in any way I can” said Sidoti.

Using OK Botanicals Creams and their other CBD products she recommends to her clients on a daily basis.

“I know the struggles of training, getting in shape, etc. I much rather have them take something all natural then prescriptions from Doctors that they can get hooked on. I know this brand. I know how good it is and I recommend it for several reasons to them” said Sidoti

To reach Sabrina regarding Personal Training check out her site at For all information and products go to