Can Kratom Expire?

If you’ve recently stocked up on kratom from Ok Botanicals, you’re probably eager to start a daily routine as soon as possible.  But, what happens if some of that kratom sits around without getting used up?  A lot of people ask us whether or not kratom expires.  Well, today, we’ll be discussing this topic at length so that you can store your kratom properly, and ensure that you always buy the proper amount to get as much out of it as possible.

So, Does Kratom Have an Expiration Date?

As a rule of thumb, kratom is good for about one to three months, depending on various factors, mainly having to do with how the kratom was handled and how it’s stored. 

What Happens When Kratom Expires?

Is expired kratom bad for you?  We know that eating a food in our refrigerator that’s past its expiration date can make us physically ill.  But, that’s not the case with kratom.  Kratom that has passed its expiration date shouldn’t make you sick.  But, what does happen to expired kratom is that it slowly loses its potency level, as well as its flavor and aroma.  So, if you take kratom that has expired, it almost definitely won’t give you the full effects that you’re looking for.

So, how do you know if kratom has expired?  Well, one thing you’ll notice is that it smells and tastes weaker than usual.  It’s important to bear in mind that kratom expires one to three months after the product was manufactured – not after you purchased it.  So, make sure that you buy your kratom from a brand that makes their products fresh regularly, because the last thing that you want to happen is that you buy a kratom product that’s already a month or two old.

Does Each Delivery Method Expire at a Different Rate?

As you’re probably aware, there are various forms of kratom out there.  The most popular forms are teas/beverages, kratom flower, loose powder, capsules and tinctures.  So, does each one expire at its own unique rate?  Well, it doesn’t appear that way when it comes to all but one type of delivery method.  It seems that while every other kratom product seems to last for one to three months, kratom flower can lose its potency more early on.  Why that seems to be the case we couldn’t tell you, but this is what many users report.

How to Store Kratom to Prevent it Expiring Early

It’s also important to bear in mind that kratom will expire earlier than later if you don’t store it properly.  Like most organic substances, kratom needs to be kept under the right conditions in order to stay fresh and active for as long as possible.

The first thing that you should do is label your kratom products when you receive them, if there is no expiration date on the packaging.  This way, you’ll know simply by looking at the product how close it is to expiring.

Another thing that you should do is store your kratom in the right environment.  Kratom, like many other plant-based goods, should be kept in a cool and dark place that’s as dry as possible.  This is because humidity, bright light and heat can all interfere with the molecular structure of the kratom compounds, causing them to essentially evaporate before you get a chance to enjoy them. 

So, what’s a good place for your kratom?  Well, think about the areas in your home that stay cool, dark and dry.  These areas include cabinets in your kitchen, drawers in your dresser and the floors of your closets.  We do not recommend storing kratom in your bathroom, or in an area of the kitchen that’s right next to the stove, because again, humidity can cause the kratom to expire sooner.

Yes, Kratom Does Expire

This means that you should only buy as much as you’ll use within a couple of months at a time.  The good thing is that if you accidentally take expired kratom, you don’t need to worry about poisoning yourself.  Still, it’s important to get as much out of your kratom supply as possible, so use this guide to ensure that you store it properly.

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