Ways to Properly Store Your Kratom Products

So, you just bought your first batch of kratom from Ok Botanicals, and you can’t wait to get started making it part of your daily routine.  Well, something to keep in mind is that once you purchase kratom, you have to make sure that you store it properly.  Like all organic substances, kratom is prone to destabilizing after a while, as it expires eventually.  But, by storing it improperly, you can cause it to lose its stability even sooner.

Yes, Storage is Key!

When kratom destabilizes, it loses its potency and takes on a stale flavor and aroma.  It’s not necessarily harmful to consume, but it won’t give you the results that you were hoping for because its chemical compounds have become weakened due to breaking down.

The good news is that storing kratom properly doesn’t take much work at all.

Tip #1: Humidity and Kratom Don’t Mix

Thinking of storing your kratom in your bathroom medicine cabinet?  If so, think again.  Kratom needs to be kept dry, because moisture can interfere with its chemical composition.  Bathrooms are prone to becoming extremely humid, so don’t store your kratom there.  Be aware of other humid spots in your home as well, such as a kitchen area where a lot of stream is created, and outdoor spaces that are prone to sudden changes in humidity due to the weather.  Dry areas are always best, and luckily, our homes have plenty of areas that remain dry at all times.

Tip #2: Cool Spots are Ideal

Another thing that kratom doesn’t like is heat.  Like humidity, heat can change the molecular structure of the chemical compounds that you’re trying to enjoy.  This is one reason why you don’t want to keep your kratom in your car during the warmer months of the year.  Think of cool spots in your house, such as closets and cabinets.  Avoid leaving your kratom in an area that’s close to a heating vent, as well, as this is a fairly common mistake that can cost you in the long run.

Also, bear in mind that when we say cool, we don’t mean cold.  You should not store your kratom in the refrigerator or freezer, because cold temperatures can also interfere with the chemical composition.  When we say cool, we mean room temperature.

Tip #3: Airtight is the Way to Go

Kratom needs to be stored in some type of airtight container.  This keeps oxygen away, as oxygen leads to oxidization, which is a fancy word for the breaking down of chemical compounds.  Now, most kratom products come in an airtight container.  But, if the container becomes damaged, or you feel that it’s not good enough, go with a piece of Tupperware that has a completely airtight seal.  Try to minimize the time in which the container is open, as that oxygen can accumulate over time, leading to a breakdown of the chemical compounds that you paid money for in order to enjoy.

Tip #4: Keep it Away from Strong Scents

Kratom tends to take on the scents of its surroundings, which means that if you’re storing your kratom near your fragrance collection, or near the spot in your house where you keep your garlic, it won’t be long before your kratom starts smelling just like that which it was siting next to.  Now, this doesn’t really mean that the kratom itself is damaged, but it might not be pleasant to consume if it’s adopted the scent of something nearby. 

Tip #5: Darkness is Preferable

The last thing that your kratom wants is darkness.  Light is another factor in the breaking down of those chemical compounds, and the brighter the light, the more severe the results can be.  This is why it’s recommended to keep your kratom in a dark place like a drawer, cabinet or closet, where next to no light enters.  The darker the better in this case, because trace amounts of light can gradually interfere with the potency level of the kratom. 

How to Know if Your Storage Efforts Paid Off

A lot of people ask us how they can tell that their kratom has become less potent due to improper storage.  Well, the easiest way to tell is by smelling it.  Kratom that has become oxidized will adopt a stale aroma that’s clearly different from how it smelled when you first purchased it.  Another thing is that after you consume it, you’ll notice that it’s weaker than usual.

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