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11 months ago

OK Botanicals offers Quality CBD, Kratom, Coffee, Supplements and more. A brand you know and trust. Endorsed by Doctors and Professional Athletes. Lab Tested.

CBD and Kratom Wholesale Direct

We are the only shop in Long Island, NY that provides you with FRESH Kratom. You tell us exactly what you want, how many grams and it is measured out specifically for your order; guaranteeing you freshness and the highest quality product in the United States. You are not buying stale, old, bagged Kratom that is sitting on the shelves for months. We also offer FREE SHIPPING Nationwide on all orders over $75.

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Gourmet Coffee

From the Andes Mountains of South America.

Herbal Tea

Certified Kosher. USDA Organic.

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Buy CBD products, snacks and extracts for pets.


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